Sweet Twists

The popularity of red licorice has spawned dozens of different options for sweet twist fans. These consumers have flocked to watermelon, strawberry and other flavors once they lose interest in traditional flavors. The problem is that sweet twists do not meet the needs of every candy lover.

This rapid growth in sweet twist flavors has been accompanied by parallel growth among sour flavors. Both camps in the candy twist market have plenty of choices to avoid crossing sides in search of new products.

Comparing Sweet Twists to Sour Flavors

Sweet twists maintain an edge of sour candies due to the proximity of sugary flavors to traditional licorice. The use of strawberry, watermelon and cherry flavorings in new candy is not a large leap away from red licorice. These products act as stepping stones to bolder flavors like root beer and cinnamon that are available through gourmet confection experts.

Sour candies are enjoyed by people of all ages tired of subtler flavors like strawberry and cherry. The powerful flavors of grape, green apple and red raspberry twists explode in consumers' mouths with each bite. This area of candy development has allowed confectionaries to expand into artificial flavors like blue raspberry.

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