Red Rope Licorice

Old-fashioned licorice has been created in dozens of different forms over the last few years. The traditional stick has been modified into twists, mini-bites and other shapes that cast new light on red licorice. One of the most popular forms used to create old-fashioned licorice is the red rope.

Red rope licorice was created for easier storage and dispensing by consumers. Dozens of twists and sticks placed in candy dishes take up too much space for some candy lovers. This simplification of an old fashioned strawberry treat is enjoyed by different groups for different reasons.

Studying Demographic Groups Enjoying Old-Fashioned Licorice

Business travelers who have cravings for licorice enjoy red rope products for several reasons. The coil of candy string fits easily inside of a carrying case without cumbersome bags and containers. Many companies offer ropes and strings of strawberry candy within plastic dispensers that are ideal for busy travelers.

Children love red rope candy because it incorporates sweet flavors with fun methods of consumption. Some kids like to stretch out feet of candy string and hold contests with their friends to see who can reach the finish line. Other kids enjoy carrying portable dispensers of candy to school and events for easy consumption. The entertainment value and taste of this candy style are geared especially for children.

Shoppers young and old can find old-fashioned and red rope licorice at Licorice Candy Twist. This company sells kosher-certified twists in 11 different flavors to customers throughout the United States.