Purchase Licorice

Consumers who haven't purchased licorice sticks and twists in years are surprised by the number of new flavors. The traditional black and red sticks that once filled candy shops have been joined by unique flavors. This sea change in flavors forces customers to plan carefully before making candy purchases.

Learning About New Flavors Before Purchase Licorice

Children and adults can enjoy flavored sticks that do not veer greatly from traditional tastes. The subtlety of cinnamon twists is similar to the memorable flavor of an old-fashioned red licorice stick. Strawberry and cherry share comparable flavor profiles to red sticks for purchasers looking for conservative candy choices.

Candy artisans have opened up the wholesale licorice market for purchasers with wild tastes. The sour taste of a green apple twist cannot be found in generic red and black products. Watermelon sticks offer contrasting tastes for candy lovers who want smiles instead of grimaces on their faces.

The limits of candy flavors have moved beyond traditional conceptions of candy. Blue raspberry twists fuse several tastes into one blue package. A trend toward mixing soft drinks and candy has led to the creation of root bear licorice. Consumers can find snacks that are sweet, sour and everything between when reviewing the licorice market.

The full spectrum of licorice flavors is available at wholesale prices through Licorice Candy Twist. This Iowa-based retailer carries flavors ranging from old-fashioned black to grape and blue raspberry for purchasers nationwide.