Order Licorice

The average American that orders licorice on a regular basis has to decide on their desired amount of candy. The low costs of individual bags of red, black and root beer twists add up quickly with repeated purchases. Some consumers cannot use every stick and twist in bulk packages. Every shopper needs to take intended audience, price and storage space when ordering licorice.

Order Licorice in Appropriate Amounts

There is a tendency by many consumers to choose bulk over individual packages when price and other elements are equal. A family that is ordering candy for a few consumers may waste dozens of sticks if they opt for large bags. It is critical for shoppers to compare the number of sticks in a package with the potential consumption before making a final purchase.

The benefit of ordering bulk licorice is that the price per stick is lower than individual packages. Consumers and businesses need to think about the lost money from gourmet licorice thrown out months after purchases. The lowered rate per red or black stick may be lost completely if half of a bulk package is thrown out.

An overlooked consideration for candy orders is the amount of storage available for candy and other consumable items. Homes and offices that lack space for long-term storage may accelerate consumption beyond desired levels.

Licorice Candy Twist allows customers to order red, black and other flavors of licorice online. This Burlington, Iowa retailer sells I.M. Good licorice in single and bulk packages to shoppers throughout America.