Old Fashioned Licorice

The casual consumption of black licorice offers untold benefits to the average consumer. The licorice root that is used by confection makers to create old-fashioned twists has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Consumers may choose black over red licorice when they learn about the minor ways in which old-fashioned twists help their bodies.

Eating Black Licorice for Health Purposes

Black twists that utilize this root are filled with small traces of vitamins and minerals. Consumers may not know that black licorice has minor amounts of vitamin E, biotin and niacin. These amounts do not reach daily recommended levels offered from vitamin supplements but ease guilt about eating the occasional stick.

The licorice root and black flavoring have been used in European over-the-counter medicines for decades. The root's role in cough medicine is the loosening of mucus in sinuses and nasal passages during colds and flus. The flavoring helps children and adults swallow their medicine by providing a familiar taste.

Consumers can eat black twists instead of red rope to remedy other health problems. The consumption of a few twists by diabetics raises blood sugar levels during periods of lowered glucose. The root possesses mild laxative benefits that help consumers return to regularity.

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