Old Fashioned Black Licorice

Candy shops have been selling old-fashioned black licorice for decades due to its enduring popularity. The soft sticks and twists available through confection shops may not be as sweet as red ropes but they have a place in the hearts of die-hard candy fans. The distinctions between black and red varieties have created rifts among candy lovers for years.

The essential factor that separates old-fashioned black twists from red ropes is the stick color. Confection makers have developed multiple flavors using red dye including strawberry, raspberry and cherry. There is only one flavor associated with the color black.

Distinguishing Old-Fashioned Black Licorice from Other Flavors

The methods used to produce traditional styles of licorice differ by several ingredients. Old-fashioned black sticks are created using licorice root and molasses. The latter ingredient provides the distinctive color of these old-fashioned candies. Red sticks are made with anethole instead of licorice root to provide the candy's subtle sweetness.

Candy lovers are sharply divided between both styles of candy due to their distinctive aftertastes. Red rope fans enjoy the sweet taste left in their mouths as they finish off soft sticks and ropes. The flavor that remains after eating an old-fashioned stick is more subtle and slightly more bitter than red licorice.

Licorice Candy Twist is an online vendor of old-fashioned black licorice. This company sells 10 flavors in addition to authentic black sticks including root beer, grape and green apple.