Licorice Sticks

Parents, professionals and young kids purchase licorice sticks to feed their collective sweet cravings. These treats are available in sweet and sour flavors that are ideal for candy lovers of all ages. Flavored licorice sticks are invaluable snacks to these groups for several reasons including portability and low purchase price.

Counting Reasons to Purchase Licorice Sticks

The size of a flavored stick makes the purchase of a single candy bag ideal for busy people. Kids can carry a few sticks in their backpacks for afternoon snacks and professionals can chew on licorice twists while walking in airports. The lightweight and diminutive size of candy twists make these treats less cumbersome than other sweet treats.

Old-fashioned black twists offer affordable solutions for consumers with diabetes and other blood glucose problems. The combination of sugar and licorice root in this traditional snack can help people with low blood sugar maintain healthy levels. Subscribers to herbal healing are familiar with the root's power to deal with indigestion, ulcer pains and nasal congestion.

Every group purchasing sweet snacks at home and work know the affordability of licorice compared to other treats. The sweet, sour and far-out tastes of candy twists on the market fill up stomachs quickly compared to chocolates and other expensive snacks available for purchase.

Licorice Candy Twist sells 11 flavors of licorice from its Burlington, Iowa headquarters. This virtual store offers quick delivery, kosher-certified products and multiple package sizes for candy lovers looking to purchase sweet snacks.