Licorice Flavors

Licorice flavors have expanded beyond the old-fashioned black and red options available to past generations. Confection makers are channeling fruits and unusual combinations to create gourmet candy that takes sweet treats to another level. The limits to candy options have been stretched with the development of chemicals reminiscent of watermelon, cherry, root beer and blue raspberry.

Choosing Delicious Licorice Flavors

Licorice manufacturers have followed the lead of other candy makers in developing watermelon products. The subtle flavor of watermelon twists is welcoming for traditionalists who like the subdued taste of red and black varieties.

The look and taste of cherry sticks are slight modifications on traditional red varieties. This taste profile is slightly sweeter and stronger than red twists with the same pigmentation. Candy lovers looking to transition away from traditional options can use cherry before trying zanier products.

Root beer and blue raspberry flavoring has been used recently to advance licorice beyond old-fashioned boundaries. The candy version of root beer may seem strange to purists, but confection makers have perfected the beverage's sweet flavor. Blue raspberry has gained popularity in the world of candy after years as flavoring for sodas and iced drinks. This licorice flavor is perfect for daring consumers who want to taste something unavailable in nature.

The growth in licorice flavors noted above is reflected by the inventory of Licorice Candy Twist. Consumers who are tired of the long-standing debate between red and black licorice can choose watermelon, cherry and other flavors through this online retailer.