Gourmet Twists

Confection makers that specialize in gourmet licorice twists take multiple steps to ensure product quality. The word gourmet implies the use of high-end ingredients as well as efficient process to create delicious candy. There are several methods that confectionaries and candy companies use to live up to the gourmet label on candy twists.

Ensuring Product Quality in Gourmet Licorice Twists

The basic level of oversight among confectionary companies involves health and safety rules. These rules dictate the careful use of perishable ingredients as well as behavioral standards for workers. Every candy expert that wants to sell gourmet blue raspberry and watermelon candy needs to build upward from these rules.

Licorice experts set higher standards for ingredient quality than required by state and federal law. Confectionaries will use beeswax, molasses and licorice extract that is fresh to ensure great tasting twists. There is a movement among bakers and confection artisans to buy locally produced ingredients in an effort to ensure quality candy.

The equipment used to create blue raspberry and watermelon candy needs to be maintained to ensure gourmet status. Water vats need to achieve high temperatures quickly to dissolve large amounts of batter. Confection experts need to keep starch powder forms clean to make sure that clear twists emerge during each batch.

Licorice Candy Twist offers gourmet twists in 11 flavors to customers throughout the United States. This level of service is achieved with shipping by major carriers like UPS and DHL along with simple purchasing tools through the company's website.