Gourmet Licorice Candy

The term gourmet licorice candy connotes traditional red and black twists in a candy shop. The range of gourmet candy flavors has expanded beyond the boundaries of sweet red twists and powerful black sticks.

Consumers interested in buying gourmet licorice candy fall into three flavor profiles. The average shopper may fall into one of the following categories by chance or choice:

  • Sweet, sugary taste
  • Sour, bitter candy
  • Unusual products that fall between sweet and sour

Choosing Gourmet Licorice Candy Flavors

The sweet style of licorice flavors is headed by old-fashioned red twists. The immediate offspring of red twists include strawberry, raspberry and cherry twists, which share the original's sugary flavor. Confection makers have turned subtle watermelon and tart grape flavors into sugary flavors using chemicals.

There are several flavors of sour licorice that offer consumers alternatives to sweet products. Green apple sticks translate the bite and tart nature of wild applies into gourmet candy sticks. Additional entries under the sour or bitter group of gourmet candy include blue raspberry and old-fashioned black.

Confection fans may not gravitate toward these two ends of the flavor spectrum. There are flavors like root beer and cinnamon that have unusual tastes that fit somewhere between sweet and tart.

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