Fruit Twists

The main purpose of fruit twists for consumers is the addition of variety to products that are traditionally red or black. This style of licorice combines the same shape as traditional red or black products with new fruit flavors. Consumers should think about the benefits of fruit twists flavored like strawberry and cherry before heading to their favorite candy store.

Inserting Variety into Snacks with Fruit Twists

The prevalence of red and black licorice in American culture allows consumers to make statements with fruit twists. Millions of people purchase traditional red and black sticks for Halloween parties and other events because they are readily accessible. Professionals and families can add some personality to their candy selections by choosing colorful fruit candies.

Most Americans have grown up with the subtle tastes of red and black sticks. An individual who tastes cherry or strawberry twists for the first time may swear off traditional candy forever. The burst of flavor and color in fruit-flavored treats that await newcomers cannot be found through old-fashioned candy.

Pragmatic consumers will use fruit twists to figure out their general preferences for flavor profiles. The sweet flavor of strawberry, cherry and watermelon may help consumers choose other candy with similar flavors. The tart taste of green apple and the sour flavor of grape twists encourage some consumers to select comparable gums and lollipops.

The online inventory of Licorice Candy Twist features fruit twists in addition to traditional flavors. Shoppers from the Atlantic to the Pacific can purchase cherry, grape, green apple and red raspberry licorice.