Chewy Licorice

The texture and malleability of black licorice candy are important factors for shoppers. The balance between stiff twists and chewy sticks of black licorice candy can be difficult to reach. There are several ways that shoppers can reach this balance without spending a fortune on gourmet candy.

Obtaining Black Licorice Candy with Ideal Characteristics

It is important for shoppers to sample different styles of candy twists before making bulk purchases. There are certain licorice brands that may offer chewy twists in a variety of different flavors. Consumers should also keep track of kosher and gourmet brands that yield during each bite.

Every shopper should look for information on package age and expiration date to find chewy twists. Black licorice sticks are similar to other candies in terms of hardening as time passes. Gourmet and kosher twists that have been produced within days or weeks of purchase are ideal for comfortable chewing.

A bag of black twists can be stored in certain ways to ensure malleability prior to consumption. Consumers can place sticks and twists in temperate areas within their houses to avoid premature hardening. The moisture level and brightness of a room can cause fading and reduced taste in black licorice sticks.

Licorice Candy Twist sells black licorice candy from its Burlington, Iowa office. The company's online shop gives consumers opportunities to find different candy flavors in single packs as well as 12-bag packages.