Buy Licorice

Millions of consumers buy licorice sticks, twists and ropes each year to meet their candy cravings. The simple flavors and shapes of this old-fashioned candy make licorice appropriate for a variety of situations. Candy fans can use candy shops and online stores to buy licorice in bulk for upcoming events.

Buy Licorice Flavors for Upcoming Events

The most popular event for licorice and other candies is Halloween. Homeowners buy giant bags of chocolates, licorice and gum to hand out to neighborhood children dressed up for the occasion. This occasion is perfect for buyers who want to get more daring with their flavor choices including root beer, blue raspberry and grape.

Another place where flavored sticks and twists are popular is the average office. Many workers keep candy jars and plates on their desks to treat co-workers to afternoon snacks. Professionals need to feel out the favorite shapes and flavors of their colleagues before making bulk purchases. It is wise to buy multiple gourmet flavors to alternate once the candy dish has run dry.

It is common to find red and black sticks in college care packages and birthday gifts. Large packages of this candy are relatively inexpensive and help loved ones feed their sweet tooths while away from home. It is important for gift givers to look at a recipient's favorite candy flavors to buy an appropriate variation on this classic treat.

Consumers looking for different flavors and order sizes can bypass candy stores for Licorice Candy Twist. This online store sells gourmet licorice in red, black, red raspberry and eight other flavors.