Blue Licorice

The days of red licorice and black twists dominating the confection market have been replaced by a rainbow of candy colors. The green, blue and red colors that greet candy lovers have been created to match new flavors and tastes. Traditionalists and fans of old-fashioned licorice need to look at the full rainbow of candy treats before casting final judgments.

Looking Outside Red Licorice for New Flavors

There are several twists available in red hues that taste different from traditional licorice. Confectioners have created recipes that create strawberry, raspberry and cherry flavoring with different shades of the same color. These treats offer traditionalists points of entry into wilder colors and flavors.

Blue and green coloring agents are used to separate unique flavors from traditional fare. Blue raspberry sticks and twists may not resemble natural fruits but the taste is something unique for candy fans. The green dyes used for sour apple and grape licorice stand out greatly from the duller blue, red, black and brown colors offered in candy shops.

Confection artisans do not feel the need to stick closely to vibrant colors when creating candy. Root beer twists use light-brown hues that resemble chocolate bars and root beer floats. Cinnamon sticks made by licorice companies blend red and brown dyes to create fall colors that hide spicy candy flavor.

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