Black Licorice Candy

The average consumer of black licorice candy may be surprised by this product's health benefits. Confection artists use the licorice root when creating gourmet sticks and twists in adherence of traditional recipes. The small doses of this root present in candy twists offer several benefits to healthy consumers.

Researching the Health Benefits of Black Licorice Candy

Diabetic consumers have used black licorice candy for years to modify blood sugar. The sugar used in candy twists is helpful for people with diabetes who need to raise their blood glucose levels quickly. This short-term benefit can become detrimental with overconsumption and poor diet.

Black licorice is often used by doctors who are helping patients stop smoking. These gourmet products help ease oral fixations common among smokers by mimicking the long shape of cigarettes.

Patients with digestive problems use black sticks as a mild laxative. The root helps consumers with light digestive problems gain regularity. It is important for individuals using candy twists as laxatives to use old-fashioned products that contain pieces of the root.

There are physicians and herbal experts who suggest using black candy twists to loosen mucus in sinus infections or colds. The root has been used to treat nasal congestion for decades due to the plant's olfactory strength.

Licorice Candy Twist sells black licorice candy that is created with traditional recipes. This vendor sells I.M. Good sticks that contain bits of licorice roots that are beneficial to consumer health in small doses.