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"This is the best licorice that I have ever tasted! I will never be able to eat regular licorice again!"


"So much better than store-bought licorice!"

B. Brandow

"Wow!  Try the watermelon, you won't regret it! "

E. Rodriguez

Company Founder and First Owner:  Jared Cohen                                                   New Owner: Dick Peterson

LicoriceCandyTwist.com was founded by Jared Cohen in Burlingon, Iowa.  Later, he shipped orders out of Round Rock, Texas. December 1, 2016, he decided to return to Finland (home to candy lovers!) I stepped in (literally, because I live just 3 houses away in our garden home community) and purchased LicoriceCandyTwist.com to continue Jared's goal to provide an online service to Hickory Harvest Foods and their licorice brand, I. M. Good.

I am Dick Peterson and I am half Swedish (another home of candy lovers!). I intend to continue to provide you with the candy experience you enjoy. Hopefully you will continue to be one of our favorite customers or if you are a new customer, WELCOME!

Jared wrote his own personal experience of how LicoriceCandyTwist.com came to be as follows:

I was driving through Ohio last Fall on I-70, and I stopped at a truck stop to get something to munch on in order to help me stay awake at the wheel.  A display rack loaded with several interesting colors of gourmet looking licorice caught my eye.

I picked up a pack of Old Fashioned Red.  The twists felt soft and substantial, so I bought a pack, thinking I'd have a couple of sticks, and that would be the end of it.  I never liked licorice much, even when I lived in Finland.  (Finns are fanatics about their licorice.)

Anyway, a few miles down the road, I opened the pack, pulled a twist out, and took a bite.  My front teeth cut through the licorice like butter.  I was impressed by the flavor and texture.  I took another bite, and then another.  Soon the pack was half gone, and I thought to myself, "this is the best red licorice I ever tasted!"  I kicked myself for not buying more packs at that truck stop.

About six months later, I decided to host a web-site through StoresOnline.  At their seminar, I was told to pick a product I would be passionate about.  Driving home that night, I thought and thought, "what product could I be passionate about?"  Halfway home, I remembered that gourmet licorice experience I had back in Ohio on I-70 six months earlier.  Only problem was, I couldn't remember the brand name.  (I'm terrible at remembering names.)

So, when I got home, I did a Google Search.  I Googled Ohio's I-70 truck stops, and printed a hard copy of the list.  The very next morning, I began making phone calls.  After a couple of dead end calls, a young female clerk finally answered, "wait a minute; I think I know what licorice you are talking about."

There was a long pause at the other end of the line, as she went and retrieved a pack off the shelf.  When she returned to the phone, she said, "I think this is what you're looking for."  She graciously read me the manufacturer's information over the phone.  I thanked her, and called Hickory Harvest immediately.

I ended up speaking with one of the company's owners, Mike Swiatkowski.  I explained to Mike how I wanted to sell his licorice over the Internet by hosting an independent website.  He expressed interest in my idea, even though they already had a website.

Mike explained that he receives e-mail requests and phone calls on a weekly basis from customers wanting information on where to buy I. M. Good and Hickory Harvest licorice locally (I learned that Hickory Harvest and I. M. Good are exactly the same gourmet licorice, but sold under different brand names.)  Unfortunately, Mike could never respond adequately to these customer requests.  He said, "as a manufacturer, we can only ship in bulk to distributors, who in turn, sell the licorice packs to thousands of 'brick and mortar' retailers throughout the United States."

LicoriceCandyTwist.com seemed to be a long awaited solution to I. M. Good and Hickory Harvest's on going customer relations dilemma; so on May 9, 2008, LicoriceCandyTwist.com was born.

Jared Cohen's original Mission Statement, now adopted by Dick Peterson.

LicoriceCandyTwist.com is committed to providing user-friendly and secure website environment for customers to receive the freshest possible gourmet licorice twist candy available at the best possible prices, delivered directly to customers' front doors. 

Strawberry Licorice
  Green Apple Licorice

         Strawberry fruit flavored licorice                    Green Apple fruit flavored licorice

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