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Black licorice, fruit flavored licorice, Old Fashioned Red Licorice
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Try our gourmet mouth-watering licorice flavors!

Green Apple

Blue Raspberry Cherry
Red Raspberry
Old Fashioned Black
Old Fashioned Red

Sadly, our manufacturer has discontinued four of our less popular flavors: Grape, Cinnamon, Peach and Root Beer. We hope to continue to offer our 8 most popular flavors to our most valued customers.

"This is the best licorice that I have ever tasted! I will never be able to eat regular licorice again!"


"So much better than store-bought licorice!"

B. Brandow

"Wow!  Try the watermelon, you won't regret it! "

E. Rodriguez

Hi Dick, thanks so much for writing me back!  Thanks for sending my order. I will be ordering again! Your old fashion red is the BEST!

L. Lyons

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Strawberry Licorice Green Apple Licorice

         Strawberry fruit flavored licorice                    Green Apple fruit flavored licorice

Order one each of 7 flavors and we will add our 8th flavor for FREE!
OR order ANY 7 flavors and we will include one more of those flavors for FREE!
4 package minimum purchase.
Black Licorice
Black real licorice root candy
Red Licorice
Old Fashioned Red licorice
Cherry Licorice
Cherry fruit flavored licorice
Watermelon Licorice
Watermelon fruit flavored licorice
Red Raspberry Licorice
Red Raspberry fruit flavored licorice
Blue Raspberry Licorice
Blue Raspberry fruit flavored licorice

Order one each of 7 flavors and we will add our 8th flavor for FREE!
OR order ANY 7 flavors and we will include one more of those flavors for FREE!

Younger people often view black licorice as white elephant gifts, but Twizzlers cannot hold a candle to this online liquorice candy store with its old fashion black licorice and red licorice that is the old candy style and best candy that is so nostalgic and vintage from the past, particularly whenever Old fashion licorice lovers purchase I.M.Good at a discount. This happens when online visitors register for sweet deals (above), and when repeat customers (who place orders on this website) receive their lifetime 10% discount code, and order 8 flavor variety pack  for their friends and family.

For BEST PRICING, click on Licorice Flavors tab (above), and PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY!!

The best deal (20% less than individual package) is the 8-pack sampler, and in the notes section (at check out), you can indicate any flavors you want!!  Once you place your first order, you immediately qualify for a 10% discount code on all future orders as a preferred customer, and you can also register today for sweet deals 
(see Registration tab above).

Our licorice will satisfy your cravings and exhilarate your taste buds with no bad after taste; this licorice is a favorite for all ages and is Kosher Certified.  For wholesale pricing, call toll-free 1-330-818-2772.  NOTE: All retail orders from this website include free shipping.

Click on traditional Old Fashioned Black licorice and Old Fashioned Red licorice twist flavors to view thicker (YUMMY!) twists that come in 14 ounce packages.  Old Fashioned Red licorice and Black licorice are more popular for traditional taste buds.

Green Apple flavored licorice, Watermelon flavored licorice, Strawberry flavored licorice, Blue Raspberry flavored licorice, Cherry flavored licorice and Red Raspberry flavored licorice twists come in 8 ounce packages.

5 Pack Sampler
What is YOUR favorite flavor?

Although Old Fashioned Red licorice twists have broadest appeal, most everyone agree the only real licorice is Old Fashioned Black licorice, as Old Fashioned Black licorice is flavored with real licorice root.

Our Old Fashioned Black licorice flavor and texture is new and improved and many taste testers believe this new and improved gourmet flavor and texture is simply the best black licorice available in the world--better than imported licorice from Finland or other Scandinavian countries.

black licorice

Many licorice connoisseurs find I.M.Good licorice twists nostalgicEven just thinking about I.M.Good licorice twists, I.M.Good licorice twist lovers usually remember the first time I.M.Good licorice twists exhilarated their taste buds with one-of-a-kind, mouth watering flavor.

I.M.Good licorice twists are in a licorice twist league all their own.  Unlike other brands, I.M.Good licorice twists are a soft and easy chew.  You simply must try I.M.Good licorice twists to know yourself what people are talking about.

So, don't wait another minute.  Order 12 packs (save 20%), or more, of one flavor of I.M.Good licorice candy twists now and receive a fresh shipment delivered right to your door in just a few days, direct from I.M.Good.  We deliver I.M. Good licorice to these fifty states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  International shipments are also available.

Ordering I.M.Good licorice online is fast, easy, and secure.  See for yourself.  We take most major credit cards, but at this time we do not take PayPal.




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